Tuesday, December 21, 2010


The UB PLAYERS AND STAFF are going to be taking the next couple of weeks to enjoy family and the holidays. After a challenging first season, the last several recruiting weekends have gone extremely well. UB FOOTBALL is tied for first with BALL STATE for having the most verbal commits to this point in the MAC. We want to thank all of those that support our program and continue to look forward to the return to MAC CHAMPIONSHIP GREATNESS. Our players are doing it in the classroom and are ready to get back at it come spring. Have a wonderful holiday and be safe.


Monday, December 6, 2010


While the 2010 Football Season was one of transition and growing pains, invaluable lessons were learned that will continue to help the UB FOOTBALL PROGRAM build toward future greatness. Coach Quinn and staff now turn their eyes on the next class of 2011. With more verbal commits at this time than ever before in UB Division 1 history, the UB Coaches are out visiting many of the future BULLS. The excitement is building as UB approaches their first of many Official Visits this weekend. Some of the finest student athletes in the country will be taking their visits to UB in December and January. While we are out visiting new recruits, our current UB Student Athletes are already in preparation for spring football. We are very proud of how hard our team fought this past season. As the coaches have reviewed many of the outcomes, we have made our adjustments to what we need to accomplish in the off season and are already planning for how those adjustments will take place.


Monday, November 8, 2010


With Three games left in the season, the UB BULLS have learned many things about themselves through the growing pains of the 2010 season. The UB BULLS finished 5 -7 last season and though more was hoped for at the beginning of this season, the character of this team has been forged in the face of adversity. There is a "no quit - never say die" attitude in our locker room and our football field. We practice with great effort and prepare for the next challenge. The lesson on the field now is that we are very close. When we are in a position to make a play we will make it. Our sideline is our home when we are on the road and our great fans that we play in front of can see the difference in us. We are emerging. We are getting there and that is all anyone can say. We have been to the top and we intend to get there again. This is the "Bull Mentality."

Friday, October 22, 2010


Yesterday at practice the classic fall skis in Western New York were heavy with clouds and a slow rain began to fall as it had on the previous Thursday before the trip to NIU. But unlike the previous Thursday, the rain stopped, the clouds broke and the sun shined through creating a rainbow over UB Stadium. This is our home coming. The UB BULLS are poised as they have been in the last several years at 2 -4 (1 - 1 in MAC PLAY) and it seems that TEMPLE has always been a game that gets things going. In 2008 the UB BULLS had to finish strong with numerous over time wins to make it to the MAC Championship Game. The 2008 season was best known for the "The Catch" made my Naaman Roosevelt on the last play of the Temple game. It was due to the lesson learned in that game that lead the 2008 UB BULLS to understand how to win. This is another opportunity to start it all over again. All I know is that the clouds broke yesterday and sun was warm on the faces of a resurgent UB BULLS FOOTBALL TEAM.


Monday, September 6, 2010

Getting ready for the the Baylor Bears!

Our first practice on Monday was crisp in the fall like afternoon. It will be a different climate down in Waco, TX, but the BULLS fortunately have been preparing for such a game all summer and into a very hot camp. Some of the days during the beautiful Buffalo summer reached the mid 90's. We have been practicing at a good tempo and fixing the fine points of technique in both of our systems of offense and defense. The Coach Quinn Era has started out with a win but the team goals are to graduate our student athletes and compete to win MAC Championships. Baylor will be a mighty test. They are very well coached and are anticipated to be extremely competitive in the Big 12. We will never shy away from competition. Every day we challenge our student athletes to be the best in the classroom and on the field.


Friday, September 3, 2010

Rhode Island Recap!

Well the first game for our players, coaches and Head Coach Jeff Quinn demonstrated that the UB BULLS have made significant strides forward in this year of transition. Rhode Island played extremely hard and was as physical as expected. With one win in the pocket it is now the time to prepare for the BAYLOR BEARS (Big 12). Baylor is a very good football team. As talented as Baylor is on both sides of the ball, the BULLS will have to continue to improve in all aspects of play. We say "every player, every play." And in order for the BULLS to be prepared for the Bears this is how we will have to practice through out the week.


Monday, August 23, 2010


They say that pre-season training camp sets the tempo for the rest of the season. If that is the case then the sacrifices that were made by the UB FOOTBALL student athletes in the off season may have been the reason that this was such a strong pre-season training camp. The UB BULLS hit the ground running and lifting and jumping and what ever else Strength Coach, Zach Duval had them doing over the summer. There has been a buzz of energy and anticipation at the beginning of every practice. Coaches are enthusiastic. Players are focused and in shape. Lead by the veteran leadership on Offense and Defense, young recruits develop quicker in a higher tempo and increased expectation for immediate excellence. The goals and hopes are high. If the effort given during the dog days of doubles are any indicator of the rewards ahead, 2010 may turn into a season to remember.

Just an observation. One of many that the 2010 UB BULLS will generate.