Friday, October 22, 2010


Yesterday at practice the classic fall skis in Western New York were heavy with clouds and a slow rain began to fall as it had on the previous Thursday before the trip to NIU. But unlike the previous Thursday, the rain stopped, the clouds broke and the sun shined through creating a rainbow over UB Stadium. This is our home coming. The UB BULLS are poised as they have been in the last several years at 2 -4 (1 - 1 in MAC PLAY) and it seems that TEMPLE has always been a game that gets things going. In 2008 the UB BULLS had to finish strong with numerous over time wins to make it to the MAC Championship Game. The 2008 season was best known for the "The Catch" made my Naaman Roosevelt on the last play of the Temple game. It was due to the lesson learned in that game that lead the 2008 UB BULLS to understand how to win. This is another opportunity to start it all over again. All I know is that the clouds broke yesterday and sun was warm on the faces of a resurgent UB BULLS FOOTBALL TEAM.


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